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Easy: Mystery In Therulerania

One day, while mining in a cave some people came across a dirty note. Upon examination, they found it was a clue to where to find a treasure chest, full of rubber chickens. The clue said this:

"A treasure of rubber chickens
Not a single rubber hen
In a secret spot near a light
Guides those in cloak of night
Near the shore the light be
Near the light a big shady tree
Under the tree is where the treasure be"

Instantly, Trot knew where the treasure lay, and he would claim it this very day. Where was the treasure hidden?

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Very Easy: Duck

Detective Tissue was surveying the scene. A woman, who by many was thought to be eccentric, lay dead in the cave. She kept an animal as a "watchdog" of sorts. Only this animal was, in fact, a duck. She was out to be killed by an unknown man, so she hid in the caves. Not even she knew who was trying to kill her. The duck was well-trained enough to quack if an intruder came nearby, and the thought was, that the sound would echo enough for the woman to hear the duck. The woman was not close enough to the duck to be able to hear it without the echo.

A man was at the crime scene, and he said that he saw someone go inside the cave.

"Well," the man said, "I knew this woman was hiding in these caves. I own these lands, and I allowed her safety. Well, I check up on the duck every now and then, and feed it. I also bring the woman some food, and the duck doesn't quack at me anymore. The woman told me that would happen eventually, and I'm quite proud I'm the only person who is like that besides her. You know, when the duck's echo rings through the walls of the cave, her plan was to escape through the other side. The other side is near a river, and no one can get through it except from within. Special gate I made myself. Anyway, I then realized that the duck's quack doesn't echo. So, I was planning to tell her this, when I see a man walking from within the cave. He was holding a bloody knife, which he dropped when he saw me. He ran away before I could stop him. Poor woman. If only the duck's quack had echoed, she would've had more than enough time to get through the gate."

When Tissue inspected the gate, and found it not to be jammed, he promptly placed the man under arrest. Why?

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Very Easy: Bug on the plate

A man was eating at a restaurant and when his food came his waitress told him that they had run out of their usual fancy dinner plates and had to serve him their only plain dish. The man did not object, but there was a bug on his food. His waitress took it away and said she would bring him a new plate with new food. When she came back the man knew she had only tossed off the bug. How?

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