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Medium: The Case of the Viper and the Dead Doctor

It is a scorching afternoon in the piercing Texas sun when Detectives Sloan and Penter arrive at the scene of a fatal car accident. It is a one car accident. They are here to gather the facts and to submit a report as to what happened. At this time, there are no witnesses.

The accident has happened just outside of small town Springs Crossing on Hwy 128. The car is a brand new Viper and inside is a very lovely but dead young woman. The car is embedded into a tree and the victim's head is against the steering wheel.

Upon checking the scene, the detectives make some interesting observations. Here is a list of observations and findings that have included in their report:

Crash scene details:
Victim identity: Dr. Rachel Wells of Springs Crossing, Texas. The cherry red car was purchased two weeks before from Regency Dodge in nearby Dallas, Texas. Very few items are found in the car with the victim.

Inventory of Viper:
Trunk contents: Spare tire, car jack, exercise workout bag, small suitcase packed for a short getaway -- possibly to the beach, and her work briefcase. Inside the briefcase, they found patient medical files, a partial box of Elidel samples, an Epi Pen, a partial box of Benadryl, seminar materials and ticket stubs for an allergy conference from last month, a pocket medical reference book, a pocket drug reference book.

Car interior contents: victim's purse (usual purse contents plus Epi Pen and box of motion sickness patches), white Dr. coat with name badge, open tin of gourmet chocolaty chocolate chunk cookies with a signed gift tag attached: Fran's Gourmet Bakery To Rachel - My apologies! Jealousy and bitterness are hard to get over. Enjoy! Try my newest creation -- I made them just for you!! From: Fran. Cell phone is plugged into charger in car.

When the detectives checked the cell phone for messages, they found the following new messages all from 2 days ago:
Message 1: From Dr. Greer of Springs Crossing Family Medical Practice: "Rachel, quit stealing my patients! I don't care that you are a local gal and know everyone. I have been in this town for the last 10 years and you better not even take one more of my patients or else!! I was the Dr. here when you were still in Med. School -- Go away or you will be sorry!!

Message 2: Fran, owner or Fran's Gourmet Bakery:
"Rachel. Hi. Well, I guess that you are back in town after all these years. Have you heard from Jon in all these years? I still can't believe that he broke our engagement to chase you. You always were so beautiful -- all the guys loved you! You would think I would have known that he could not resist - I have known you kindergarten. Alot of good it did Jon! If he would have chosen me, he and I both would have a family by now. Well we need to bury all that from the past. Call me please. Fran"

No skid marks of any kind are present on the roadway. Car appears to be in good mechanical condition with no pre-accident damage to the tires or brakes. Dr. was not taking any medications and her toxin test have come back clear. Dr. was not a diabetic or epileptic and did not have a heart attack or stroke. Falling asleep at the wheel was unlikely cause of accident. Cause of death: impact of head on dashboard during accident.

When the Chief of Detectives read their findings, he turned purple with anger. "You bumbling idiots! How could you miss something so obvious? It is right here in black and white. GET OUT and call in Blake and Jones. Your department is through with this case!

Why is the Chief so angry and what did Sloan and Penter miss in their investigation?

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